Kent Easter:- A Renowned Legal Consultant in Orange County

1fe68b5A legal consultant is a person who always provides an expert guidance. Moreover, his savvy knowledge and skills also help in sorting all legal issues. In Orange County, such a legal consultant is  Kent Wycliffe Easter. With his expert skills, he has successfully represented tremendous clients and win their cases.

His endowment is as follows:-

1. University of California, Los Angeles
School of Law

From 1995-1998, Kent had completed his J.D., Law from this university. In this, his dexterity activities and societies are Treasurer and Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity.

2. Stanford University

During 1992-1995, Kent Easter had completed his graduation in A.B., History, with Honors. In this university, his finesse activities and societies are Social Director, Los Arcos and Toyon Eating Clubs.

Apart from this, In the past few years, he had faced a slump in his both personal as well as professional life. But, still with his assiduous, he is working for the pogey of clients. Nowadays, he is a consultant exhorting early stage high-tech companies in all aspects of their growth. Not only in consultation, he is also adroitness in Corporate Law, Trade Secret, Trials, Litigation, intellectual property and much, much more!


Kent Easter:- A Professional Legal Consultant of Orange County


Justice and law is not a game. Only an experienced and professional person can successfully handle all sorts of litigation’s. One such name of an experienced person is  Kent W. Easter. He is the one who has specialized in skills like Litigation, Private Equity, Trials, Class Actions, Intellectual property and other similar things. With his dedication and hard work, recently, he became the Chairperson  of  Recruiting and Summer Associate Committees. In all aspects of business, he always provides an ingenuous advice that help in the growth of a firm.

Kent Easter  successfully represents a lot of companies that includes  the sale of an Orange County public company, multi-million dollar settlement for a New Mexico based insurance company and a lot of more. He is the member of The Forum for Corporate Directors, The Federal Bar Association and the Orange County Bar Association. If we talk about his experience then, he worked with the Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth Co. For more than 6years and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Co. For approx 7years 6 months. During his working experience, he was awarded by several awards for his brilliant services.IMG_0768

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From busines1fe68b5s to civil litigation, all can be successfully resolved by Kent W. Easter. He is a well-known personality of Orange County, California. He is the chairperson of the Recruiting and Summer Associate Committees and a partner in the firm’s Securities Litigation Group. With his professional techniques, he successfully negotiates a multi-million dollar settlement for a New Mexico based insurance company. Kent Easter is also a member of the Forum for Corporate Directors, the Federal Bar Association, the Orange County Bar Association, and the Association of Business Trial Attorneys.

Kent also practiced as an attorney in Orange County and Silicon Valley. He worked as an Associate in a firm of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati for more than 7years where he had been awarded by John Wilson Award for his outstanding services. Kent Easter was the recipient of this award for continual 3 years. From June 2013 – August 2014, Kent also works as a volunteer in Fostering rescue dogs with Pet Match Rescue. This shows that He loves to do social services. Apart from this, Kent cares about Economic Empowerment, Poverty Alleviation and Civil Rights of the people.

Kent Easter

Kent Easter is a consultant advising early stage high-tech companies in all aspects of their growth. Kent formerly practiced as an attorney in Orange County and Silicon Valley representing high-technology and emerging growth companies in business litigation and in corporate securities transactions.